Cindy Preto: Following your Interests and Passions

Cindy Preto has combined her interest in wine-making and vineyards with a passion for studying insects. Her ultimate goal is to become a consultant on vineyard pests. Although she already has a project set up for her graduate studies, Cindy thinks another focus might be a better fit. The case provides an excellent example of a student who is following her passion into an interesting graduate degree. Cindy wants to ensure that her work sustains her interest and provides a launching pad into her chosen career.

Teaching case: Cindy Preto: Following your Interests and Passions

Questions to consider as you read the case:

  1.  What are the factors that have influenced Cindy’s graduate school path?
  2. What has influenced your career choices and graduate school interests?
  3.  Have you explored research opportunities on your campus? Are there special programs for students who are first generation?
  4. Have you talked with a professor or graduate student about your career goals and asked for advice or mentoring?
  5. Do you know other resources on campus where you can do career exploration?