Eden Haven-Martinez: Focused and Determined to Find the Right Direction

Eden Haven-Martinez has just completed an in-person interview for the Teacher credential program at UC Davis. Her educational trajectory has been full of location changes and she now wonders whether she and her husband will be moving to the Sacramento area.  In this case you’ll discover how Eden thinks about her long-term goals and how she makes decisions about moving forward.  When something doesn’t go according to plan, Eden is quick to find a solution, keeping in mind that her overall goal is success and self-sufficiency.

Teaching case: Eden Haven-Martinez: Focused and Determined to Find the Right Direction

Questions to consider as you read the case:

  1. What kind of challenges does Eden face because she is married?
  2. How would you describe Eden’s life goals?
  3. Are you ready to move to another city or state to pursue a graduate degree?
  4. What kinds of questions do you think you should ask about a program before you apply?
  5. Is going to graduate school part-time a good option? What might be the trade-offs and who could you ask?