Eric Lehman: The Graduate Degree Trajectory

Eric Lehman decides to apply to a Masters degree program when he doesn’t gain admission to a PhD program. Will this help him if he decides to move on and re-apply for a PhD in the future? This case raises issues about how many advanced degree programs you should apply to in order to ensure successful admission and if getting a Masters degree prior to a PhD is helpful. You will also learn about important financial considerations if you are starting your academic career at the community college level.

Teaching case: Eric Lehman: The AdvancedĀ Degree Trajectory

Questions to consider as you read the case:

  1. Applying for scholarships can help with your tuition. What are some additional benefits that are a part of the scholarship application process?
  2. What various components of the graduate school application are described in the case?
  3. How can you find out whether you should apply for a Masters degree or a PhD?
  4. How many programs should you apply to if you want make sure you will gain acceptance for the following academic year?
  5. What important advice is Eric given about using the Cal Grant at the community college?