Hen Werner: Taking Educational Risks for the Future

Hen Werner has just completed the Teacher credential program at the UC Davis School of Education. The program is structured so that most students move on to obtain a Masters degree after they have finished the credential and are in their first year of teaching. The Masters degree classes are held on Saturday twice a month. But Hen has two small children and she is concerned about spending more time away from them. In this case you will learn a great deal about the requirements and structure of a teacher credential program and the case will also help you think about the values and risks of a graduate education and what kinds of questions you should ask of any program.

Teaching case: HenWerner: Taking Educational Risks for the Future

Questions to consider as you read the case: 

  1.  What kind of career options did Hen consider and what questions did she ask about potential employment?
  2. What were the pre-requisites for the teacher credential program?  Where would you find the pre-requisites for any given program?
  3. How does Hen contextualize her foster care experience in her Statement of Purpose?  What is the overall narrative theme?
  4. What are the different issues that Hen needs to consider as she weighs her decision to complete the Masters degree?
  5. What is the salary difference (Step 1) between a Class A teacher with a BA and a Class E teacher with a BA and 45 units including an MA?