Mac Stelioff: GRE Strategies

Mac Strelioff, a senior at UC Davis, wonders whether he should re-take the GRE.  Is his score competitive enough to gain admission to his top-choice psychology PhD programs?  In this case, you will find out how Mac created his academic track record by developing relationships with mentors, researching potential career directions, and taking on research projects outside of his regular classroom work.  Mac also explored potential PhD programs that would fit his interests and reached out to professors to find out more about their work.

Teaching case: MacStrelioff: GRE Strategies

Questions to consider as you read the case: 

  1. What are the different ways Mac went about finding mentors?
  2. How did Mac discover what might be a good career path?  How many different avenues did he explore?
  3. In what ways did Mac supplement his classroom learning? What internet resources did he use? How did he find research opportunities outside the classroom?
  4.  How did Mac find out what a competitive GRE score was for the various programs he was applying to?
  5. How did Mac go about determining what PhD programs would be a good fit?  How did he contact professors at programs he was considering and how did he present himself?