Rachelle Donaldson: The Importance of a Campus Visit

Rachelle Donaldson plans a campus visit to help her get a better understanding of the Master of Science in Community Development degree at UC Davis. What kinds of activities will help her gain the information she needs? This case examines another way that you can enhance your chance of admission, particularly if you have an erratic or unusual trajectory of academic achievement. A personal face-to-face meeting with a program coordinator or professor can assure an admissions committee of your dedication, determination and ability to succeed in an advanced degree program.

Teaching case: Rachelle Donaldson: The Importance of a Campus Visit 

Questions to consider as you read the case:

  1. A campus visit can usually increase your chances for acceptance.  What are some of the activities you should plan to do during your campus visit?
  2. There are search engines on this website for both the UC and CSU systems that make it easy to search for similar programs at all campuses. Do you know where to find these search engines?
  3. What kind of university guidelines and rules should you consider when you take off time from school and your educational path?
  4. How do you go about finding the right resources if you are struggling in school?
  5. How can a campus visit help improve your overall application?