Rich Pauloo: Engaging with Future Mentors

Rich has worked for a number of years and now wants to return for a PhD in order to advance in his career. He has a substantial amount of research experience and has also gained skills related to organization, teaching and public speaking. Wanting to ensure his admission to his first choice project, Rich makes an effort to get to know potential faculty mentors, demonstrating his own capabilities as a junior colleague and his interest in their research projects.

Teaching case: Rich Pauloo: Engaging with Future Mentors

Questions to consider as you read the case:

  1. Having research experience is important before applying to a PhD program. What kind of research projects did Rich conduct and what was his role on each project?
  2. How can you go about find a PhD program that is a good fit for you?
  3.  Including potential faculty mentors in your statement of purpose is important. How did Rich go about doing this?
  4.  What kinds of information does Rich include in his personal history statement?
  5. What kinds of information does Rich include in his statement of purpose?